Rege-Jean Page Is Now the Odds-on Favorite to Become the Next James Bond

The speculation about who will be the next James Bond is something that never seems to go away, and when there are “Bond odds” being given by bookmakers on just who will take over the role now that Daniel Craig is hanging up his license to kill, that also means there are those who are definitely seen as a favorite to take over the famous spy’s 007 number. While Tom Hardy has been a longstanding front runner for the part, mainly due to one internet rumor or another, there is another contended who has manages to push Hardy off the top spot of the potential Bonds of the future. That honor falls to Bridgerton breakout Rege-Jean Page, whose elevated profile from starring in the Netflix period drama has seen him come from nowhere to be the odds on favorite of would-be Bonds.

While this is all speculation, and in the end no one really ever accurately predicts these things until they are a done deal, it was revealed last month that Page, along with McMafia star James Norton, were two British actors who seemed to be creeping up on Hardy in the odds stakes. Now it looks like it is Page who was won that particular battle, but the war, as they say, is far from over, and there are a number of other potential Bonds all waiting in the wings for that possible call.

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Of those currently in the running, Regé-Jean Page apparently now has a minor lead over Hardy and Norton at the moment. Also just behind them are Luke Evans, who is quite close behind but is currently seeming to be sticking within his more musical genre movies and shows with his upcoming Beauty and The Beast spin-off series for Disney+. Another possibility is The Witcher star Henry Cavill, who we know is not likely to be reprising his Superman role in the near future and along with The Witcher, Bond could be a nice little role to work around that.

A little further out in the running, but also someone who has been mentioned constantly in connection with the part, is Idris Elba. Again, there is probably enough space in Elba’s current workload for him to commit to taking on the super spy, but whether he would now have a chance with so many other actors ahead of him in the odds is another matter.

While all of this is up in the air, what is now certain is that Daniel Craig’s last Bond adventure will finally arrive in theaters on October 8 after an endless string of delays. Original expected back in October 2019, the departure of director Danny Boyle meant the production was pushed back into what would become a dead zone for Hollywood around April 2020. After a number or rescheduled dates for its final release, including a spot among the summer blockbusters coming in the next couple of months, MGM finally settled on the October release we are currently now awaiting with baited breath.

With MGM being bought out by Amazon, any future decisions about the Bond franchise and who may be taking over the role will lie solely with them. The full implications of that merger are still to be seen, but whether it would put the brakes on any one of those in-the-running actors clinching the part is likely not to be known for a little while yet. This news originated at