$42 Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch LCD Display Touch Screen Digi Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Compatible,pinktypo.com,inch,Screen,6.1,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,iPhone,11,$42,Digi,Display,with,/preremit880979.html,LCD,Touch Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch Digi Screen Display OFFicial store LCD Touch Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch Digi Screen Display OFFicial store LCD Touch Compatible,pinktypo.com,inch,Screen,6.1,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,iPhone,11,$42,Digi,Display,with,/preremit880979.html,LCD,Touch $42 Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch LCD Display Touch Screen Digi Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch Digi Screen Display OFFicial SALENEW very popular! store LCD Touch

Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch LCD Display Touch Screen Digi


Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch LCD Display Touch Screen Digi

Product description

Warm Tips:

1. After receiving the item, please test the screen first before installation. Test the screen means just connect the felx cables to your phone to see whether the screen is OK. If you can’t test it by yourself, please ask professional repair shop for help. Any problems during the test, please kindly contact us timely. We won't be responsible for any problems if no test before installation.

2. Any damage caused by wrong or rough installation is not recognized as our responsibility. The screen is easily broken with wrong and rough installation. Many customers are not professional to do this installation which may cause damage on the screen without knowing it. We suggest you to ask professional person to help you install the replacement screen.

3. Please don't remove the film on the screen before everything is OK. Return is not accepted if the film is removed.

4. If the screen test good but there's problem after installation, then you need to check whether you do something wrong during installation.
Each screen is tested by our QC staff before the shipment to make sure our customers receive perfect products. But to avoid any dispute in future and make you satisfied with our service, please kindly read the notes above carefully before you place the order.

Compatible with iPhone 11 6.1 inch LCD Display Touch Screen Digi

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