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Tampa Mall Nu Soul Large discharge sale Zodiac

Nu Soul Zodiac


Nu Soul Zodiac

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Nu Soul Zodiac by Gold Sparkle Band

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The latest release from the "Gold Sparkle Band" threatens to become a leaden handcuff around the innovative wrists of Ornette Coleman, who once remarked: "My playing is spontaneous, not a style. A style happens when your phrasing hardens." Reedplayer Charles Waters, trumpeter Roger V. Ruzow, bassist Adam Roberts, and drummer Andrew D. Barker seem to harden the sound of Coleman's classic free jazz. They verge on becoming something paradoxical: a repertory band for avant-garde music. But through a combination of tactful musical navigation and outright burning intensity, they produce fresh, vital possibilities using the formulas of post-bop's original breakthroughs. Originally from Atlanta, now based in New York (save Ruzow), the members of the "Gold Sparkle Band" search for inspiration in the established liberation of vintage free jazz. Waters calls down Coltrane's sheets of sound on "Nu Millennium Waltz"; Ruzow explores the somber reticence of certain A.A.C.M. pieces in his composition "Promises of Democracy"; Barker's drumming drives the quartet to new heights - especially in his interplay with Waters - and summons by turns the majestic pulse of Elvin Jones and the frittering energy of Sonny Murray. But as they hover in the alchemist's study of canonized post-bop, poking around among the sacred texts, ancient instruments, and cabinets of wonder, the "Gold Sparkle Band's" music begins to roil and transmute. Their own voices emerge - Waters' leaderly insouciance, Ruzow's darting interjections, Roberts' hard, precise swing, Barker's ebullient percussive commentary. The old equations of free jazz become vehicles for the group's own spontaneity.

--- Michael Kramer, JAZZIZ Magazine Copyright

Nu Soul Zodiac

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