50" x 19" Truck Hand 20" Opening large release sale 50" x 19" Truck Hand 20" Opening large release sale $116 50" x 19" x 20" Hand Truck Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products 20",/preremit1138079.html,$116,50",Truck,pinktypo.com,x,Hand,19",x,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products $116 50" x 19" x 20" Hand Truck Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products 20",/preremit1138079.html,$116,50",Truck,pinktypo.com,x,Hand,19",x,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products


50" x 19" x 20" Hand Truck


50" x 19" x 20" Hand Truck

Product description

AMG5400 Features: -Loop handle for maneuverability over curbs and thresholds. -Allows horizontal loading and un-loading. -Extra height handle gives more stacking capability. -Extra-long stair climbers. Product Type: -Hand truck dolly. Weight Capacity: -600 Pounds. Frame Material: -Metal. Handles Included: -Yes. Wheels Included: -Yes. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -37.18 lbs. Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -50". Overall Width - Side to Side: -19". Overall Depth - Front to Back: -20".

50" x 19" x 20" Hand Truck

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