Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween TV show on FX (canceled or renewed?)Network: FX
Episodes: 26 (half-hour)
Seasons: Three

TV show dates: September 25, 2018 — July 13, 2021
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Scott Ryan, Damon Herriman, Damon Herriman, Justin Rosniak, Brooke Satchwell, Jackson Tozer, Nicholas Cassim, Chika Yasumura, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, and Matt Nable.

TV show description:      
A drama TV show, Mr Inbetween was created by its star, Scott Ryan. It’s based on a cult film that Ryan made more than a decade earlier.

At age 40, Ray Shoesmith (Ryan) is going through a bit of a midlife crisis. He struggles to contain his anger issues and juggle all of the roles that many adult men have in life — a father, ex-husband, boyfriend and best friend. His life is further complicated because Ray also happens to be a hitman-for-hire.

Ray is a caring dad to his 8-year-old daughter, Brittany (Yasumura). She has a good relationship with her father, who she lives within a shared custody situation with her mother Jacinta and step-father Quentin.

Ray is also dedicated to his older brother, Bruce (Cassim), who is experiencing a gradual reduction in mobility and coordination due to a motor neuron disease.

One good thing in Ray’s life is Ally (Satchwell), a female paramedic he feels may be out of his league. But Ally is drawn to Ray, even if she doesn’t know the precise nature of his job.

Gary (Rosniak) is Ray’s best friend of many years. They worked together a great deal in the past, but now, he’s married to Tatiana and is trying to live a more respectable life.

Freddy (Herriman) is Ray’s boss and friend. He runs his business out of a strip joint, and is a guy that people go to if they need a hit put on someone or a debt collected. Nick (Lembke-Hogan) is a young heavy who’s been taken on by Freddy as a hitman-in-training and Ray is delegated to show him the ropes.

Series Finale:     
Episode #26 — I’m Not Leaving
Nothing ends.
First aired: July 13, 2021.

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