Wirenco 12 Purchase 2 NM-B Non-Metallic Cable Sheathed Residential Ind NM-B,,Non-Metallic,,Ind,pinktypo.com,Residential,$168,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Wirenco,Cable,,/metatarsale1119010.html,12/2,Sheathed Wirenco 12 Purchase 2 NM-B Non-Metallic Cable Sheathed Residential Ind NM-B,,Non-Metallic,,Ind,pinktypo.com,Residential,$168,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Wirenco,Cable,,/metatarsale1119010.html,12/2,Sheathed $168 Wirenco 12/2 NM-B, Non-Metallic, Sheathed Cable, Residential Ind Tools Home Improvement Electrical $168 Wirenco 12/2 NM-B, Non-Metallic, Sheathed Cable, Residential Ind Tools Home Improvement Electrical

Wirenco 12 Purchase 2 NM-B Non-Metallic Cable Sheathed Residential Very popular! Ind

Wirenco 12/2 NM-B, Non-Metallic, Sheathed Cable, Residential Ind


Wirenco 12/2 NM-B, Non-Metallic, Sheathed Cable, Residential Ind

Product description

Size:250Ft Cut

Non-metallic sheathed NM-B cable is used in normally dry installations in residential wiring, as branch circuits for outlets, lighting and other residential loads. Its applications are outlined in NEC 2008 and NEC 2011 Article 334. NM-B is rated at 600 volts and although it is rated at a conductor temperature of 90°C dry , its ampacity is limited to 60°C according to the NEC 2008 and NEC 2011. It may be fished through masonry or tile walls, where not exposed or subject to excessive moisture or dampness. NM-B cables are LEAD FREE and RoHS compliant. Equivalent to Romex NM-B.

Meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM specifications
UL Standard 83: Thermoplastic Insulated Wires and Cables
UL Standard 719: Non-Metallic Cables
Federal Specification A-A-59544 and requirements of the NEC
Voltage rating - 600 volts

Insulation:Color coded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound with a nylon covering meeting the required thickness of Type THHN. Conductor insulation is rated 90℃C
Sheath:30 mil color coded PVC sheath rated 90℃C is applied over the completed assembly

Size:12 AWG
Number of Conductors:2
PVC Insulation Thickness:0.76 mm / 0.029 inches
Ground Wire Size:10 AWG
Nylon Thickness:0.13 mm / 0.005 inches
Nominal Cable Dimensions: 14.2 mm x 0.55 inches
Weight per Foot: 0.254 lbs
Allowable Ampacity: 20 Amps

Wirenco 12/2 NM-B, Non-Metallic, Sheathed Cable, Residential Ind

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