$137,Pre,Smart,/metacresol880934.html,Oxygen,Watch,XYJ,Blood,KaiLangDe,Blood,Electronics , Wearable Technology,pinktypo.com,Fitness,Tracker XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Oxygen Pre Tracker Blood San Francisco Mall $137 XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Blood Oxygen Blood Pre Electronics Wearable Technology $137 XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Blood Oxygen Blood Pre Electronics Wearable Technology XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Oxygen Pre Tracker Blood San Francisco Mall $137,Pre,Smart,/metacresol880934.html,Oxygen,Watch,XYJ,Blood,KaiLangDe,Blood,Electronics , Wearable Technology,pinktypo.com,Fitness,Tracker

Over item handling XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Oxygen Pre Tracker Blood San Francisco Mall

XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Blood Oxygen Blood Pre


XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Blood Oxygen Blood Pre

Product description


All Day Activity Health Data
Record Daily Data Such As Steps,Distance And Calorie Consumption.Protect Your Sleep Quality,Recording Deep Sleep,Light Sleep, Sleep And Awake Time.
Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring
Automatically Recognizes The Heart Rate Zone, Using Advance Sensor Technology ,Combined With Self-Developed Algorithms, High Precision,Low Power Consumption.Use 24/10 Heart Rate To Better Track Calorie Burn, Optimise Workouts And Uncover Health Trends That Inspire You To Make Moves On Your Health And Fitness Goals.
Stay Connected To Your Day
Connect Fitness Tracker With Your Phone,You Will Never Miss A Call And A Message. It Will Vibrate To Alert You If Your Phone Receives A Phone Call, SMS Text And SNS Messages.
IP67 Waterproof
You Can Use It When You Are Washing Hands, Sweating Or When It Is Raining. It Is Not Suitable For Hot Water, Saunas Or Environments With Large Variation Of Temperature.
Sleep Monitor
Get A Better Understanding Of Your Sleep Quality, Get Helpful Insights About Each Night And Set A Sleep Schedule With Bedtime Reminders To Actively Work Toward A Consistent Routine.
Different UI To Suit Your Style
There Has 10 Different Display UI To Suit Your Style, Easy Change In The Watch Setting. Show Your Style,More Wonderful Because Of Change.

XYJ KaiLangDe Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Blood Oxygen Blood Pre

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