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LWZ Portable Mini Refrigerator Max 71% OFF 20L Cooling Heating and El Paso Mall Suitable

LWZ Portable Mini Refrigerator 20L Heating and Cooling, Suitable


LWZ Portable Mini Refrigerator 20L Heating and Cooling, Suitable

Product description


Applicable scope of car refrigerator:
1. Applicable places: cars, homes, yachts, offices, makeup shops, etc.
2. Suitable for cold storage: fruits, beer, cans, cola, tea, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, etc.
The best choice for friends, colleagues, and girlfriends.

product information:
Product name: Mini car refrigerator
Material: ABS
Capacity: 20L
Weight: 5KG
Cooling temperature: 22-22° lower than the ambient temperature
Heating temperature: 70°
Size: 32*26*38cm (12.6*10.2*14.9in)

LWZ Portable Mini Refrigerator 20L Heating and Cooling, Suitable

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