1 year warranty V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder DH-90 2.4 Inch Co Zoom 16X DH-90,/metacresol1306634.html,V,$31,BESTLIFE,Zoom,Electronics , Camera Photo,Co,Digital,Digital,16X,Camcorder,,Inch,2.4,pinktypo.com $31 V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder, DH-90 16X Digital Zoom 2.4 Inch Co Electronics Camera Photo $31 V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder, DH-90 16X Digital Zoom 2.4 Inch Co Electronics Camera Photo 1 year warranty V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder DH-90 2.4 Inch Co Zoom 16X DH-90,/metacresol1306634.html,V,$31,BESTLIFE,Zoom,Electronics , Camera Photo,Co,Digital,Digital,16X,Camcorder,,Inch,2.4,pinktypo.com

1 year warranty V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder Bargain sale DH-90 2.4 Inch Co Zoom 16X

V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder, DH-90 16X Digital Zoom 2.4 Inch Co


V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder, DH-90 16X Digital Zoom 2.4 Inch Co

Product description


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Digital Camcorder
Model: DH-90
Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: As Pictures Shown
Image Resolution: 16.0Mega Pixels(Digital Interpolation Resolution)
Static Image Resolution: 16M (2032*4032),12M(2560*1440),5M(1920*1080),3M(1280*720),2M(640*480) 1M(320*240)
Video Resolution: 1080P 1920*1080, 720P 1280*720 VGA 640*480
Display Screen: 2.4 Inch High Definition LCD Display Screen, Rotates 270 Degrees
Extension Memory: Memory Card, Maximum Support 32GB
Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery 3.7V BL-5C
Interface: USB2.0
Working Temperature: 0-40℃
Built-in Battery: BL-5C 1020mAh
Plug: US Plug
Voltage: 110-240V
Weight: Approx. 251g

Package List:

1 x Digital Camcorder
1 x USB Power Supply Cable
1 x Power Adapter Plug
1 x Manual(Chinese and English)

V BESTLIFE Digital Camcorder, DH-90 16X Digital Zoom 2.4 Inch Co

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