KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Rainbow Titanium Chinese Sale item Clust Clust,Quartz,/metacresol1306534.html,Chinese,Rainbow,pinktypo.com,KKSI,Titanium,Crystal,Natural,Health Household , Health Care,Stone,$22 KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Rainbow Titanium Chinese Sale item Clust Clust,Quartz,/metacresol1306534.html,Chinese,Rainbow,pinktypo.com,KKSI,Titanium,Crystal,Natural,Health Household , Health Care,Stone,$22 $22 KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Chinese Rainbow Titanium Clust Health Household Health Care $22 KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Chinese Rainbow Titanium Clust Health Household Health Care

KKSI Natural Ranking TOP6 Quartz Crystal Stone Rainbow Titanium Chinese Sale item Clust

KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Chinese Rainbow Titanium Clust


KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Chinese Rainbow Titanium Clust

Product description

Size:1 pc 30-40g

Style: modern
Material: stone home decoration
Accessories: modern home decoration
Gift Girl: Crystal Gift Home
Decoration: Home improvement room
There may be some chromatic aberration due to the shooting light and different monitors. Please refer to the actual product.
The size is manually measured, please allow a gap of 0.5-1cm. Thanks for your understanding!

KKSI Natural Quartz Crystal Stone Chinese Rainbow Titanium Clust

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