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Franz Liszt - Christus - Oratorio (Excerpts) - Budapest - FX 123


Franz Liszt - Christus - Oratorio (Excerpts) - Budapest - FX 123

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1 x Vinyl LP, Stereo
Hungary 1980

A1 - Annunciation (Angelus Domini) (7:56)
A2 - Lés Béatitudes (Beati Pauperes Sapiritu (11:22)
A3 - The Founding Of The Church (Tu Es Petrus) (5:52)
B1 - Ride Into Jerusalem (Hosanna, Benedictus Qui Venit (14:18)
B2 - Easter Hymn (O Fili Et Filiae) (2:03)
B3 - Ressurected! (Ressurexit!) (5:42)

Franz Liszt - Christus - Oratorio (Excerpts) - Budapest - FX 123

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