$161 Solid 14k White Gold Cross INRI Crucifix Charm Pendant (1.60") Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Solid 14k White Gold Cross National products Crucifix 1.60" Charm Pendant INRI $161 Solid 14k White Gold Cross INRI Crucifix Charm Pendant (1.60") Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women /metacresol1138134.html,Gold,(1.60"),Cross,14k,White,Solid,INRI,$161,Pendant,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,pinktypo.com,Crucifix,Charm Solid 14k White Gold Cross National products Crucifix 1.60" Charm Pendant INRI /metacresol1138134.html,Gold,(1.60"),Cross,14k,White,Solid,INRI,$161,Pendant,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,pinktypo.com,Crucifix,Charm

Solid 14k White Gold Cross National products Crucifix 1.60

Solid 14k White Gold Cross INRI Crucifix Charm Pendant (1.60")


Solid 14k White Gold Cross INRI Crucifix Charm Pendant (1.60")

Product description

Let your genuine, true faith shine out with this expertly handcrafted solid 14k white gold crucifix charm pendant.
This symbolic cross is finely polished finish religious piece of fine jewelry and proudly handmade in USA.

Necklace/Pendant Measurements:

Chain size 0.5 mm
Pendant Height with Bail: 1.60" (40.64 mm)
Pendant Width: 0.70" (17.78 mm)
Pendant Depth: 0.10" (2.54 mm)

Pendant Bail:

Bail Fits up to a 3 mm chain.
Bail Height: 0.28" (7.11 mm)
Bail width: 0.14" (3.55 mm)
Bail Depth: 0.21" (5.33 mm)

Made in USA.

Solid 14k White Gold Cross INRI Crucifix Charm Pendant (1.60")

Bossa Antigua
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