#MakeSolo2Happen Is Trending Again After Three Years as Fans Rally Behind Star Wars Sequel

Since #ReleaseTheSynderCut proved that if fans make a fuss long enough, they will eventually get what they want, Star Wars fans have rallied on social media to try and get Disney to commit to a sequel to the Han Solo spin off, Solo: A Star Wars Story with the hashtag #MakeSolo2Happen trending on Twitter.

While not the best reviewed entry in the Star Wars franchise, Solo gave fans a brand new adventure based in the universe that offered more of The Force and plenty of Wookie action, among other things. It also served as a potential launch pad to other sequels and even more spin-offs, which is always the case with any movie linked to one of the biggest franchises in the world. For that reason, many assumed that, by now, three years on from Solo‘s release, there would have been some word from Lucasfilm about a new adventure for the roguish pilot of the Millennium Falcon and his hairy companion. So far however, Solo 2 appears to be a no go.

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There’s been a complete lack of update on whether or not there will be more outings for Han Solo in the ongoing Star Wars universe, played in the prequel by Aiden Ehrenreich, probably stemming from the lower than expected box office results for the first movie. But that doesn’t mean fans are going to let the possibility of a sequel go just yet, and they made their voices heard with a series of tweets that soon began trending, just like they did last year on the movie’s second anniversary.

“Tweeting this picture of George at the Solo premiere for no other reason than to #MakeSolo2Happen“, one user posted. A second said, “I need more Solo y’all. This has quickly crept up as one of my favorites. #MakeSolo2Happen”. Another account added, “It’s #MakeSolo2Happen Day! I like Solo a lot, but it was largely about stuff that we already knew happened. The Kessel Run. Meeting Chewie. Getting his blaster. Origin story stuff. I’d love a sequel or series so it can surprise me and develop all the new stuff it introduced.”

John Hoey, creator of the hashtag, made numerous references to the tag, including pointing out that it took 7 years for Lucasfilm to further develop The Clone Wars, and that someone involved in that show told him, “the fans were indeed a big part of saving” the show. “Don’t ever think your voice is insignificant in sharing what you love.”

The fight to get a Solo sequel saw some fans going into great detail about how Disney could progress the story, with plot points and potential developments that could be explored in one or even multiple sequels, while others simply added their weight by posting the tag repeatedly in the hopes that it would make big enough waves to show Lucasfilm and Disney that there is interest in a new movie.

While it would be something of a fairytale for fans to have a hand in a new Solo movie, there are plenty of other projects in development and production, including recent confirmation that Star Wars: Lando is being developed, so whether the kind of fan action that saw the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League will add anything to that schedule is something that we will just have to wait and see.