12'',Duty,Heavy,4.,Drop,-,pinktypo.com,Keys,Door,x,Rent,,for,Box,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,and,/linteling1138191.html,$60,Deposit, Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent New Free Shipping - 4. 12'' Deposit and x Keys $60 Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent, Deposit, and Keys - 12'' x 4. Tools Home Improvement Hardware 12'',Duty,Heavy,4.,Drop,-,pinktypo.com,Keys,Door,x,Rent,,for,Box,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,and,/linteling1138191.html,$60,Deposit, $60 Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent, Deposit, and Keys - 12'' x 4. Tools Home Improvement Hardware Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent New Free Shipping - 4. 12'' Deposit and x Keys

Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent New Free Shipping - 4. 12'' Deposit Max 54% OFF and x Keys

Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent, Deposit, and Keys - 12'' x 4.


Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent, Deposit, and Keys - 12'' x 4.

Product Description

POCHAR D1B-H Through-the-Door Drop Box Door Mailbox
POCHAR D1B-H Through the Door Dropbox Door Mailbox
POCHAR D1B-H Through-the-Door Drop Box Door Mailbox
POCHAR D1B-H Through-the-Door Drop Box Door Mailbox
POCHAR D1B-H Through-the-Door Drop Box Door Mailbox
DB1R-A table POCHAR D1A-W Through the Door Dropbox Door Mailbox POCHAR D1A-H Through the Door Dropbox Door Mailbox POCHAR DB1R-B Rainproof Dropbox Mailbox POCHAR DB22-G Over the Door Hanging Dropbox Specimen Lockbox
Rainproof Door Mounted Drop Box (DB1R-A) Door Mounted Drop Box (D1A-W) Door Mounted Drop Box (D1B-H) Rainproof Door Mounted Drop Box (DB1R-B) Over the Door Drop Box (DB22-G)
Overall Dimension 12” (L) x 4.25” (W) x 15” (H) 9.75'' (L) x 4.25'' (W) x 14.75'' (H) 12” (L) x 4.25” (W) x 15” (H) 12” (L) x 4.25” (W) x 15” (H) 11'' (L) x 5.5'' (W) x 8.25'' (H)
Slot Measurement 10.25'' x 2.3'' 8.6'' x 2.5'' 10.5'' x 2.25'' 10.25'' x 2.3'' 9'' x 1''
Mounted on Doors Doors Doors Doors Hangs Over Doors
Designed for Magazines, Keys, Mails, Checks, etc. Keys, Mails, Checks, Cash, etc. Magazines, Keys, Mails, Checks, etc. Magazines, Keys, Mails, Checks, etc. Specimen, Keys, Mails, Checks, Cash, etc.
Material Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel Cold Rolled Steel
Hardware Included

Heavy Duty Door Drop Box for Rent, Deposit, and Keys - 12'' x 4.

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SafetyLiftinGear is a UK-based supplier of safety equipment and lifting gear. Our extensive range includes hoists, slings, trucks, trolleys, beams, and much more besides; we also offer a wide variety of rigging equipment and material handling products.

Safety is paramount here at SafetyLiftinGear – it is part of our name, after all! We have built our entire company around providing the safest and most reliable products, and you will not find a more dedicated supplier of sturdy, well-made lifting gear. Our reputation has been growing since 1977, and we are extremely highly regarded in the height safety, heavy lifting, and event rigging industries. We enjoy the flexibility of being an independent company, offering a vast array of products from trusted manufacturers alongside our own reasonably-priced, high-quality range.

Most of our products are available both to buy and to hire; whether you are looking for safety gear, lifting gear, rigging equipment, or something else entirely, our website is sure to serve your needs. All of our products are fully tested and certified before you receive them to put your mind at ease.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call on 0117 9381 600 or email [email protected] for a quick response from SafetyLiftinGear’s helpful, knowledgeable staff. Don’t worry if your project is somewhat out of the ordinary – we frequently provide bespoke solutions for clients with unusual requirements!

What our customers say:

Thank you, my strops were waiting for me when I got home today. They are just as described and your service has been impeccable and I will go to your site if I need any more.
Colin, Hampshire
What fantastic service and product at very reasonable prices, I will be using you again.
Martin, Bedfordshire
Great customer services and easy online shopping service. Will continue buying from you.
Lee, Kent
I was very impressed with your service recently and will, of course, be considering you for our future lifting needs.... we are a very busy office and so I don’t have a lot of time to spare on purchases, therefore a super streamlined operation such as yours is an absolute pleasure!
Les, Leatherhead

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