OCOLOR LCD Challenge the lowest price of Japan Display Replacement for Fusion G40 G60 Moto Motorola $44 OCOLOR LCD Display Replacement for Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion Cell Phones Accessories Accessories pinktypo.com,Moto,Fusion,G60/G40,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,/lateropulsion880497.html,OCOLOR,Replacement,for,LCD,Display,Motorola,$44 $44 OCOLOR LCD Display Replacement for Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion Cell Phones Accessories Accessories pinktypo.com,Moto,Fusion,G60/G40,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,/lateropulsion880497.html,OCOLOR,Replacement,for,LCD,Display,Motorola,$44 OCOLOR LCD Challenge the lowest price of Japan Display Replacement for Fusion G40 G60 Moto Motorola

OCOLOR LCD Challenge the lowest price of Japan Display Genuine Replacement for Fusion G40 G60 Moto Motorola

OCOLOR LCD Display Replacement for Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion


OCOLOR LCD Display Replacement for Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion

Product description

Thank you for choosing OCOLOR(HYYT)

Compatible: For Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion PANB0001IN PANB0013IN PANB0015IN

Content of the package:

----gt; 1 * LCD display for Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion PANB0001IN PANB0013IN PANB0015IN

----gt; 1 * Set of tools

----gt; 1 * Piece Tempered Glass

Installation notes:

Tip 1: Check if the product is in good condition before installing and test it

----gt; Do not remove the protective film or The label during the test. Pay attention to static electricity problems, install the product in an environment with fine static electricity. Before proceeding with installation, test the product first and make sure that the mobile phone has been connected via ESD (electrostatic discharge). This prevents static electricity damage the electronic components of the phone.

Tip 2: Simulation test.

----gt; The screen is in glass, which is a very product fragile. It is strongly recommended to take the test before installation. Please simulate the test if the phone is disconnected (motherboard + LCD or screen), connect the audio cable and a new backup power supply, then turn on the test. If the test is normal, install it. If it cannot be viewed normally, contact us as soon as possible. Do not install the phone with the force.

Tip 3: Do not bend the cable.

----gt; During installation and test, make sure the LCD cable is not bent . A curvature greater than 90 degrees will cause a black view.

Tip 4: Black screen phenomenon

----gt; If your phone has a black screen during the installation process, Keep the power button and the volume button simultaneously. If the phone vibrates, it is because the main cable is not installed correctly. Then reinstall the product.

OCOLOR LCD Display Replacement for Motorola Moto G60/G40 Fusion


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