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Smart Watch Max 57% OFF for Men Women Bluetooth Tracker P Blood El Paso Mall Fitness Call

Smart Watch for Men Women Bluetooth Call Fitness Tracker Blood P


Smart Watch for Men Women Bluetooth Call Fitness Tracker Blood P

Product description


Product name: Smart Watch

Body size: 45.2*35.6*11.8mm

Watch weight: 46g

Display: 1.69 inches full screen

Resolution: 240*280

Waterproof rating: IP67 waterproof

Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth 5.0

Standby time: 10 days battery life

System support: Android4.4 and above; IOS8.0 and above

Main function:

sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, pedometer, distance, calories, stopwatch, multi-movement mode (running, cycling,swimming, hiking), call alert, message alert, alarm clock alert, sedentary alert, water alert, pill alert, remote control photo, raise your wrist and light the screen, etc."

Smart Watch for Men Women Bluetooth Call Fitness Tracker Blood P


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