Monitors,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Protection,$277,Display,YXSP,,LED,LCD,/lateropulsion1306197.html,23.6-inch,O,Screen,,Eye Monitors,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Protection,$277,Display,YXSP,,LED,LCD,/lateropulsion1306197.html,23.6-inch,O,Screen,,Eye San Diego Mall YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye 23.6-inch Screen Display O LCD San Diego Mall YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye 23.6-inch Screen Display O LCD $277 YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye Display Screen, 23.6-inch LCD O Electronics Computers Accessories $277 YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye Display Screen, 23.6-inch LCD O Electronics Computers Accessories

San Diego Mall YXSP Long Beach Mall Monitors LED Protection Eye 23.6-inch Screen Display O LCD

YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye Display Screen, 23.6-inch LCD O


YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye Display Screen, 23.6-inch LCD O

Product description

Product Name: Computer Display

Screen size: 23.6 inches

Screen ratio: 16:9

Interface Type: HDMI VGA

Vertical viewing angle: 178°

Panel type: TN

Average brightness: 300cd/m^2

Resolution: 1920*1080 (Full HD)

Horizontal viewing angle: 178°

Pitch: 0.255mm

Refresh rate: 144HZ

Whether to bring your own speakers: No

Screen type: LED

Dynamic contrast ratio: 50000000:1

Static contrast ratio: 3000:1

Number of products: 1

Delivery time is 10-18 days.

If you are unable to receive your order after 30 days, please contact us.

Only the display is included, and other decorations in the picture are not included.

Hand measurement: Allow 1-3cm error, the image may have some color difference.

Quality quality and price concessions are your ideal choice.

YXSP Monitors LED Protection Eye Display Screen, 23.6-inch LCD O


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