European Style Window Flower Scenery Garden Set Ranking TOP1 Shower Curtains European Style Window Flower Scenery Garden Set Ranking TOP1 Shower Curtains European,Set,Shower,Scenery,Flower,,Window,Garden,$24,Style,Curtains,Home Kitchen , Bath,/keylet1306106.html $24 European Style Window Flower Scenery Shower Curtains Set Garden Home Kitchen Bath European,Set,Shower,Scenery,Flower,,Window,Garden,$24,Style,Curtains,Home Kitchen , Bath,/keylet1306106.html $24 European Style Window Flower Scenery Shower Curtains Set Garden Home Kitchen Bath

European New popularity Style Window Flower Scenery Garden Set Ranking TOP1 Shower Curtains

European Style Window Flower Scenery Shower Curtains Set Garden


European Style Window Flower Scenery Shower Curtains Set Garden

Product description

Shower Curtain Material: Waterproof Polyester Fabric
Bath Mat Material: Flannel And Plastic Bottom Blanket Surface
Shower curtains:W180xH180cm-70x70in
Bath Mat:W75*H45cm-29.25x17.55in
Lid Toilet Cover:W42*H37cm-16.32inx14.43in
Pedestal Rug:W40*H45cm-15.60x17.55in
Quantity: 4pcs
1 x Shower curtains (With 12 hooks)
1 x Pedestal Rug
1 x Lid Toilet Cover
1 x Bath MatEasy to absorb water, dust, and slip resistance.
PVC non-slip primer, non-slip, wear-resistant, does not hurt the floor.
Easy to clean, it can be washed directly in the washing machine or hand without falling off and fading.
1.Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3 cm error,thank you.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.Please understand, thank you!

European Style Window Flower Scenery Shower Curtains Set Garden

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