$125 Merax 33 Inch LED in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace with Adjus Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Inch,Electric,pinktypo.com,with,Merax,LED,Adjus,Fireplace,33,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,$125,in-Wall Recessed,/invariantively1118792.html Inch,Electric,pinktypo.com,with,Merax,LED,Adjus,Fireplace,33,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,$125,in-Wall Recessed,/invariantively1118792.html Merax 33 Inch LED Popular products in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Adjus with $125 Merax 33 Inch LED in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace with Adjus Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Merax 33 Inch LED Popular products in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Adjus with

Merax 33 Inch LED Popular products in-Wall Recessed Electric Los Angeles Mall Fireplace Adjus with

Merax 33 Inch LED in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace with Adjus


Merax 33 Inch LED in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace with Adjus

Product Description


Merax LED in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

  • Features a sleek rectangular design and modern black scheme this fireplace adds texture to any living room, bedroom, library or hallway.
  • That provides ambient heat up to 400 square feet, optimal for warming up the entire room.
  • The heat can be regulated using the remote control and/or the button provided in the insert.
Material: Iron frame + plastic
Internal Material: Glass, resin log
Display: LED Display temperature
Requirement: 110-120V,50Hz,1500W,5100btu
Temperature Range: 62°F-99°F(17°C-37°C)
Room Size: 400 square feet

Merax 33 Inch LED in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace with Adjus


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