$83 EZ on the Earth, Lead Acid Battery Recycling Kit, 2.0 Gallon Bat Home Kitchen Storage Organization EZ on the Earth Lead Acid Bat 2.0 Battery Kit Gallon Max 70% OFF Recycling $83 EZ on the Earth, Lead Acid Battery Recycling Kit, 2.0 Gallon Bat Home Kitchen Storage Organization Lead,Recycling,Kit,,$83,Acid,pinktypo.com,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Battery,EZ,on,/interfascicular880378.html,Bat,the,Gallon,Earth,,2.0 EZ on the Earth Lead Acid Bat 2.0 Battery Kit Gallon Max 70% OFF Recycling Lead,Recycling,Kit,,$83,Acid,pinktypo.com,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Battery,EZ,on,/interfascicular880378.html,Bat,the,Gallon,Earth,,2.0

EZ on the Our shop OFFers the best service Earth Lead Acid Bat 2.0 Battery Kit Gallon Max 70% OFF Recycling

EZ on the Earth, Lead Acid Battery Recycling Kit, 2.0 Gallon Bat


EZ on the Earth, Lead Acid Battery Recycling Kit, 2.0 Gallon Bat

Product description


Properly recycle sealed lead acid batteries. 2-Gallon Sealed Lead Acid Battery Recycle Kit includes plastic pail, cardboard box (for shipping pail), heavy plastic liner, zip tie to seal liner for shipping, a pre-paid return shipping label. Documentation included for obtaining Certificates of Recycling online. IMPORTANT: All sealed lead acid battery terminals must be insulated! BATTERIES STRICTLY PROHIBITED FOR THIS KIT: Leaking or broken batteries, car batteries, and all dry cell batteries, including Lithium-ion and Primary Lithium Batteries including Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2), Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2), Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOC12).

EZ on the Earth, Lead Acid Battery Recycling Kit, 2.0 Gallon Bat

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