Machine,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,T-bar,Home,Pulley,,Attachm,Rowing,Gym,Fitness,$41,/interfascicular1138578.html,V-bar,Cable Machine,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,T-bar,Home,Pulley,,Attachm,Rowing,Gym,Fitness,$41,/interfascicular1138578.html,V-bar,Cable $41 Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Cable Machine Attachm Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Popularity Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Machine Attachm Cable $41 Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Cable Machine Attachm Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Popularity Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Machine Attachm Cable

Popularity Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Omaha Mall Machine Attachm Cable

Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Cable Machine Attachm


Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Cable Machine Attachm

Product Description


Narrow pull back handle

Strengthen the thickness of the back contour

(1) Narrowly pull the back handle to do high-position pull-down movements. The training target is mainly the inner latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscle. It can also strengthen the width of the back contour.

(2) Narrow handles do a sitting down rowing action. The training targets are mainly the inner latissimus dorsi, prismatic muscles, lower trapezius muscles, and rear deltoid muscles, mainly to strengthen the thickness of the back contour


Narrow pull back handle


Wide and medium distance pull back handle


Biceps, triceps pull up and pull down handles

V-shaped design


Home Gym Fitness Rowing T-bar V-bar Pulley Cable Machine Attachm

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