$84 SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone, Amendatory System 7.2in Sma Cell Phones Accessories Cell Phones SHYEKYO,/insignificance881042.html,Smartphone,,Screen,pinktypo.com,Waterdrop,7.2in,Amendatory,Sma,System,$84,Cell Phones Accessories , Cell Phones New Shipping Free Shipping SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone System Amendatory 7.2in Sma SHYEKYO,/insignificance881042.html,Smartphone,,Screen,pinktypo.com,Waterdrop,7.2in,Amendatory,Sma,System,$84,Cell Phones Accessories , Cell Phones $84 SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone, Amendatory System 7.2in Sma Cell Phones Accessories Cell Phones New Shipping Free Shipping SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone System Amendatory 7.2in Sma

New Omaha Mall Shipping Free SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone System Amendatory 7.2in Sma

SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone, Amendatory System 7.2in Sma


SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone, Amendatory System 7.2in Sma

Product description

Color:white, Pisa Leaning Tower Type

1. The large 7.2‑inch screen allows you to experience a wider range of views, show more content in games and videos, and the phone is still small and lightweight.
2. Powerful processor, greatly improves network, speed, frame rate and picture smoothness when playing large games and multitasking.
3. Scalable storage of up to 128GB allows simultaneous data and phone calls using two SIM cards, or simultaneous data storage using a small menory card.
4. 2MP and 5MP double for HD cameras, vivid colors, each photo as beautiful as wallpaper.
5. Face recognition can always be accurately identified, bringing you to the science fiction unlocking experience.


Item Type: Smart Phone
Material: Glass

SHYEKYO Waterdrop Screen Smartphone, Amendatory System 7.2in Sma

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