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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE G780F, International Version (No US Warran


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE G780F, International Version (No US Warran

Product description

Color:Cloud Red

This is the phone made for people who want it all. It's packed with features tailor-made for fans on all kinds—whether you love photography, gaming or filling your feed with all that inspires you. This is the phone that leaves compromise behind, delivering the innovations of Galaxy S20 to make incredible technology available to all. Equipped with Galaxy S20 same revolutionary cameras, Galaxy S20 FE lets you snapshot moments your way. Frame up the whole fam with Wide-angle Camera, capture more of the world with Ultra Wide Camera, or get up close and personal with Telephoto Camera. With barely-there bezels and a super small punch hole for the camera, the 6.5" FHD Infinity-O Display lets you dive into gaming, streaming and video calling without anything blocking your view. When you're connected to the network with Galaxy S20 FE, you can game on in real time with little lag, download at lightning fast speeds and experience crystal clear video calls. Live your life without worrying where you can plug in your phone. The 4500mAh (typical) battery has the power to outlast your day and the intelligence to save power for the things you do most. With 128GB built in and the ability to store up to 1TB more on a microSD card, you can delete pics and videos because you want to, not because you have to. When your Galaxy S20 FE gets a little wet, there's no need to panic—it's rated IP68 for water and dust resistance and can stand up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 second. Like a power nap for your phone. Plug in to get more than 50% charge in 30 minutes with the 25W Super Fast Charger. You can charge your buds, watch, and even a friend’s phone. Wirelessly connect to your TV to multitask in a whole new way.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE G780F, International Version (No US Warran

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