Hchao Smart Rice Cooker Kitchen Mini Three-Dimensio Appliances price Hchao Smart Rice Cooker Kitchen Mini Three-Dimensio Appliances price Smart,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/insignificance1500142.html,Rice,Cooker,,Three-Dimensio,Hchao,Appliances,,Kitchen,pinktypo.com,$78,Mini $78 Hchao Smart Rice Cooker, Mini Kitchen Appliances, Three-Dimensio Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Smart,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/insignificance1500142.html,Rice,Cooker,,Three-Dimensio,Hchao,Appliances,,Kitchen,pinktypo.com,$78,Mini $78 Hchao Smart Rice Cooker, Mini Kitchen Appliances, Three-Dimensio Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Hchao Fashionable Smart Rice Cooker Kitchen Mini Three-Dimensio Appliances price

Hchao Smart Rice Cooker, Mini Kitchen Appliances, Three-Dimensio


Hchao Smart Rice Cooker, Mini Kitchen Appliances, Three-Dimensio

Product description

The rice cooker cooks quickly and saves time. The cooking speed is increased by 70%, allowing you to eat faster.

Product name: rice cooker

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50hz

Inner diameter: 159mm

The outer diameter of the inner tank: 180mm

Rated power: 400W

Rated capacity: 2L

Net weight: 1850g

Control method: microcomputer type

Size: 205*235*200mm; 8.07*9.25*7.87in

Packing information: rice cooker

Note: The above data are all manual measurement, there are some errors, which will not affect the normal use.

Due to the difference between the monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Please refer to the actual color. If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales team.

Hchao Smart Rice Cooker, Mini Kitchen Appliances, Three-Dimensio

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