Cup,Electric,Warmer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Coaster,/insignificance1306542.html,Mug,Small,Cup,USB,,$28,Size,Coffee,Warmer $28 Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Cup Warmer Coaster Small Size Cup Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Very popular Coaster Size Cup Small $28 Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Cup Warmer Coaster Small Size Cup Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Very popular Coaster Size Cup Small Cup,Electric,Warmer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Coaster,/insignificance1306542.html,Mug,Small,Cup,USB,,$28,Size,Coffee,Warmer

Coffee Mug Washington Mall Warmer USB Electric Very popular Coaster Size Cup Small

Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Cup Warmer Coaster Small Size Cup


Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Cup Warmer Coaster Small Size Cup

Product description

Item Type: Cup Warmer Heating Plate
Material: plastic, glass and silicone
Color: as shown
Quantity: 1pc
Rated power: 10W
Rated input: 5V 2A
Power mode: USB
Size: about 13.2*11.8*2cm/5.19*4.64*0.79inch(L*W*H)
Net weight: about 200g/7.05oz

Packing List:
1*Cup Warmer Heating Plate

Coffee Mug Warmer USB Electric Cup Warmer Coaster Small Size Cup

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