$22 BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Towel Set of 4, Gnome Holding Pumpkin D Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Direct sale of manufacturer Towel Set of Holding 4 D Pumpkin Gnome Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$22,of,/insignificance1306042.html,pinktypo.com,BoNuer,Pumpkin,Towel,D,4,,Kitchen,Halloween,Set,Holding,Gnome Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$22,of,/insignificance1306042.html,pinktypo.com,BoNuer,Pumpkin,Towel,D,4,,Kitchen,Halloween,Set,Holding,Gnome $22 BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Towel Set of 4, Gnome Holding Pumpkin D Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Direct sale of manufacturer Towel Set of Holding 4 D Pumpkin Gnome

BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Direct sale of manufacturer Towel Set Holding 4 Raleigh Mall D Pumpkin Gnome

BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Towel Set of 4, Gnome Holding Pumpkin D


BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Towel Set of 4, Gnome Holding Pumpkin D

Product description

Size:4 Pack

☙ production specifications:
Product Size:18x28inch/45x75cm
Product quantity selection: 1/2/3/4 Pack

☙ Product Features:
- Kitchen towels are made of tough microfiber,durable and not easy to tear,has a long service life
- Fast water absorption, which can effectively absorb excess water
- Light and breathable, and it can also dry quickly for the next use

☙ Product Funtions: - As a dish towel in the kitchen to clean and dry dishes, clean up the table and stove - As a bathroom towel, temporary bath towel, or bathtub Cleaning cloth - As our outdoor heat insulation pads and car wash tools - As a housewarming gift for the hostess to deal with tedious housework,or a great gift for family and friends

☙ Cleaning amp; Maintenance : Kitchen Hand Towel can be machine washed and dried at low temperature. It is recommended to wash towels separately at the first use to reduce the lint of the towel.

BoNuer Halloween Kitchen Towel Set of 4, Gnome Holding Pumpkin D

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