Hex,Zinc,Sc,Class,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,x,pinktypo.com,120,mm.,Yellow,$58,Coarse,M12-1.75,/insignificance1138042.html,Cap,10.9,Head M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Head Spasm price Cap Coarse Sc Hex Yellow $58 M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Yellow Coarse Hex Head Cap Sc Industrial Scientific Fasteners $58 M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Yellow Coarse Hex Head Cap Sc Industrial Scientific Fasteners M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Head Spasm price Cap Coarse Sc Hex Yellow Hex,Zinc,Sc,Class,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,x,pinktypo.com,120,mm.,Yellow,$58,Coarse,M12-1.75,/insignificance1138042.html,Cap,10.9,Head

M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Head Spasm Our shop OFFers the best service price Cap Coarse Sc Hex Yellow

M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Yellow Coarse Hex Head Cap Sc


M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Yellow Coarse Hex Head Cap Sc

Product description

'Hex Head Cap Screw, System of Measurement Metric, Basic Material Steel, Material Grade Class 10.9, Fastener Finish Zinc Yellow, Dia./Thread Size M12-1.75, Fastener Length 120mm, Fastener Thread Direction Right Hand, Fastener Thread Type Metric Coarse, Fastener Thread Style Partially Threaded, Fastener Industry Standards DIN 931, Head Type Hex, Min. Thread Length 30mm, Head Height 7.5mm, Head Width 19mm, Package Quantity 25'

M12-1.75 x 120 mm. Class 10.9 Zinc Yellow Coarse Hex Head Cap Sc

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