$63 WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lig Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Outlet SALE with Lig LED Artificial $63 WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lig Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor Blue,Tree,with,WPBOY,Christmas,Artificial,/insignificance1119442.html,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,pinktypo.com,Christmas,$63,LED,Lig,Tree Blue,Tree,with,WPBOY,Christmas,Artificial,/insignificance1119442.html,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,pinktypo.com,Christmas,$63,LED,Lig,Tree WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Outlet SALE with Lig LED Artificial

WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Minneapolis Mall Outlet SALE with Lig LED Artificial

WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lig


WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lig

Product description

Size:90cm/2.9 ft

This kind of Christmas tree can not only be decorated, but also an exquisite gift for relatives and friends, which can create a festive atmosphere
Product name: Artificial Christmas tree with decorations
Product color: blue
Product size: 60cm/1.9 ft, 90cm/2.9 ft, 120cm/3.9 ft, 150cm/4.9 ft, 180cm/5.9 ft, 210cm/6.8 ft, 240cm/7.8 ft, 300cm/9.8 ft, 360cm/11.8 ft
Product material: environmental protection PVC + iron wire
Product content: artificial Christmas tree × 1 + accessories
Product packaging: carton packaging
Note: There will be some color difference and error in shooting and measurement, please understand.
Remarks: Because it is manual measurement, the product will have a color difference of 1-3cm, which is a normal phenomenon.
If there is any problem with our Christmas tree, please feel free to contact us, we will reply and deal with it within 24 hours.

WPBOY Christmas Tree Blue Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lig

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