A church where skeptics are welcome

What evidence is there for the truth of Jesus' claims?

Our Vision

The Redeemer family of churches and ministries exist to help build a great city for all people through a movement of the gospel that brings personal conversion, community formation, social justice, and cultural renewal to New York City and, through it, the world.

Redeemer is made up of various ministries—each focus on specific aspects of the church’s mission.

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Mercy and Justice Learn more >>
Care and Assistance Learn more >>
Church Planting Learn more >>
Rise Campaign Learn more >>
Sermons and Resources Learn more >>

Redeemer's vision and values flow out of the gospel and are personified through five ministry areas:

  1. An Evening With Windham Hill Live [Vinyl LP] [Stereo]
  2. Community formation
  3. Mercy & justice
  4. Church planting
  5. Faith & work
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