$29 IREANJ Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Development Board CJMCU-3247 C Electronics Computers Accessories $29 IREANJ Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Development Board CJMCU-3247 C Electronics Computers Accessories /hoof1306649.html,5Pcs,$29,Puerto,Digital,CJMCU-3247,Electronics , Computers Accessories,C,Development,IREANJ,pinktypo.com,Module,Board IREANJ New York Mall Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Board C CJMCU-3247 Development IREANJ New York Mall Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Board C CJMCU-3247 Development /hoof1306649.html,5Pcs,$29,Puerto,Digital,CJMCU-3247,Electronics , Computers Accessories,C,Development,IREANJ,pinktypo.com,Module,Board

Sale price IREANJ New York Mall Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Board C CJMCU-3247 Development

IREANJ Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Development Board CJMCU-3247 C


IREANJ Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Development Board CJMCU-3247 C

Product description

If you are not satisfied meet in any regards, please have no hesitation to contact us ,We will try our best to resove it.
1. The product should be wide, the product has high energy efficiency, long life and low power consumption.

2. Safe, energy saving and durable.

3. 100% quality.

4. Voltage converter signal level



Supply voltage: 7 30 V DC

Input current: 0/4mA 20mA

Output voltage: 0 -24V MAX(Adjustable)

Temperature drift: 100ppm/C

Package included:

5 x CJMCU-3247 Current Turn Voltage Module 0/4mA-20mA Development Board

IREANJ Digital Puerto Module 5Pcs Development Board CJMCU-3247 C



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