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Scicalife Rolling Knee Creeper favorite Pad Max 59% OFF Wheel Roller Seat Kne

Scicalife Rolling Knee Creeper Pad Roller Seat Rolling Wheel Kne


Scicalife Rolling Knee Creeper Pad Roller Seat Rolling Wheel Kne

Product description


This dolly is sturdy and comfortable and can be used for many years! Made with high quality to provide support for the knees and protects the surface from scratches.


- Color: Red
- Material: Plastic.
- Size: About 50.3x25.8x9cm
- Made of high quality material for lasting use.
- With storage space for you to place your tool on it, very convenient.
- Suitable for cleaning the floor, gardening, construction, etc.
- Prevent scratching the floor on a smooth surface.

Package Including

1 x Knee Dolly

Scicalife Rolling Knee Creeper Pad Roller Seat Rolling Wheel Kne



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