10 2 Heavy Duty Flat Oklahoma City Mall Jacketed Pump B Well Submersible Cable Wire Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Cable,Duty,10/2,Pump,/hoof1119449.html,B,Flat,Wire,Submersible,pinktypo.com,Heavy,Well,$218,Jacketed $218 10/2 Heavy Duty Flat Jacketed Submersible Cable Well Pump Wire B Tools Home Improvement Electrical 10 2 Heavy Duty Flat Oklahoma City Mall Jacketed Pump B Well Submersible Cable Wire Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Cable,Duty,10/2,Pump,/hoof1119449.html,B,Flat,Wire,Submersible,pinktypo.com,Heavy,Well,$218,Jacketed $218 10/2 Heavy Duty Flat Jacketed Submersible Cable Well Pump Wire B Tools Home Improvement Electrical

10 2 Heavy Duty Raleigh Mall Flat Oklahoma City Mall Jacketed Pump B Well Submersible Cable Wire

10/2 Heavy Duty Flat Jacketed Submersible Cable Well Pump Wire B


10/2 Heavy Duty Flat Jacketed Submersible Cable Well Pump Wire B

Product description


10/2 Flat submersible pump cable is made for heavy duty power supply applications in wet environments or under water. It has a robust design which can resist harsh operating environments and is reinforced for advanced protection against abrasion, sunlight, ozone, chemicals and flames. The cable can supply up to 600 volts of power in wet and dry locations within a temperature range of -25°C and 75°C. Images are for reference only See Product Specifications. Please order careful no returns accepted.

10/2 Heavy Duty Flat Jacketed Submersible Cable Well Pump Wire B



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