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Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials Max 59% OFF WP White Bra Bargain Underwired Padded

Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials WP Underwired Padded Bra White (


Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials WP Underwired Padded Bra White (

Product description

The Body Make-Up range from Triumph brings you this smooth, modern T-Shirt bra. With padded cups and underwiring, the bra gives shape and support, and it's seamless design ensures a clean sleek look under tight fitting clothes. The LYCRA content gives stretch, and allows the bra to move with your body for all day comfort. Team this with matching items from the range, for a great addition to your lingerie collection. 40% Polyamide, 45% Polyester, 15% Elastane. Product No: 10190664

Triumph Body Make-Up Essentials WP Underwired Padded Bra White (

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Our new report shows that young people aren’t getting the support they need from school or mental health services.

Help us change this

Teachers shouted at me during a panic attack and refused to let me take my prescribed medication.”

Zoe blogs in support of our #FundtheHubs campaign, arguing that early-support mental health hubs would provide young people with the support she was denied at school.

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We're fighting for mental health. For support. For respect. For you.

Information and support

When you're living with a mental health problem, having access to the right information is vital. Go to our information pages to find out more.

Find information and support

Helping someone else

It can be hard to know what to do when supporting someone with a mental health problem. Our information includes helpful advice on giving support.

Find advice

Ways to get involved


We'll fight your corner. We believe everyone with a mental health problem should be able to access excellent care and services. Join our team of over 40,000 campaigners.


Give your time supporting in our offices or shops, reviewing our information, cheering on our fundraisers, sharing your story, talking to the media or as a Youth Voice Network member.

Donate or fundraise

Nobody should face a mental health problem alone. We need your help so we can be there – on the other end of the phone, in local communities and campaigning hard.


Become a member

Our members are at the heart of our work. Join Mind today, add your voice and become part of a movement for better mental health across England and Wales.


Where your money goes


queries answered by our helplines in 2019–20


from every £1 we receive we spend on our charitable work


people accessed our information in 2019–20

Support when you need it most

Local Minds

Local Minds provide mental health services in local communities across England and Wales.

Side by Side

Side by Side is a supportive online community where you can listen, share and be heard.

“If it wasn't for Mind I wouldn't be here now. I will never forget their part in my recovery.”

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