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LWZ Car Refrigerator Mini for car Be Sale price super welcome is S and 10L Home

LWZ Car Refrigerator Mini Refrigerator for car and Home 10L is S


LWZ Car Refrigerator Mini Refrigerator for car and Home 10L is S

Product description


Applicable scope of car refrigerator:
1. Applicable places: cars, homes, yachts, offices, makeup shops, etc.
2. Suitable for cold storage: fruits, beer, cans, cola, tea, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, etc.
The best choice for friends, colleagues, and girlfriends.

product information:
Product name: Mini car refrigerator
Material: ABS
Capacity: 10L
Cooling temperature: about 15-25℃ lower than the ambient temperature
Heating temperature: 60-65°
Product weight: 2.5KG
Product size: 22*28*34cm (8.7*11*13.4in)

LWZ Car Refrigerator Mini Refrigerator for car and Home 10L is S

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