Mini,,Portable,GyLazhuziz,for,an,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Fridge,Office,Compact,car,/frowzled881011.html,Cooler,$594 GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Excellent Portable Compact an for Office Cooler GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Excellent Portable Compact an for Office Cooler Mini,,Portable,GyLazhuziz,for,an,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Fridge,Office,Compact,car,/frowzled881011.html,Cooler,$594 $594 GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Portable Compact Cooler for Office an Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $594 GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Portable Compact Cooler for Office an Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Excellent Popular standard Portable Compact an for Office Cooler

GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Portable Compact Cooler for Office an


GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Portable Compact Cooler for Office an

Product description

Shape: Box type (open up)

Power supply mode: 220V AC/12V DC

Color classification: 12V/24V car type/220V household (two-use car home)

GyLazhuziz Mini car Fridge Portable Compact Cooler for Office an

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