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Hydroponics Growing Kits Albuquerque Mall Smart Hydroponic Garden Gardenin Indoor Sale price

Hydroponics Growing Kits,Smart Garden,Hydroponic Indoor Gardenin


Hydroponics Growing Kits,Smart Garden,Hydroponic Indoor Gardenin

Product description

smart garden You can grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad leaves, flowers and more in this smart indoor garden. Like lily, onion, colorful leaves of grass, basil, tomato and so on. Clean and good looking; Not very big, can be used at office,living room,kitchen. Also a good choice of presenting.
indoor herb garden Food-grade material, safe and green, with all fittings
hydroponics growing kits Easy assembled, convenient, space-saving and time-saving

product name:hydroponics growing kits indoor
Material: ABS
Application scenarios: office, hotel, home furnishings, shopping malls, greening projects, home gardening, balcony vegetable garden, flower garden nursery production
Packing volume:38*38*44cm

Products include:
1*Hydroponic Growing Kits

1. Due To The Different Display And Lighting Effects, The Actual Color Of The Item May Be Slightly Different From The Color Shown On The Picture.
2. Due To Manual Measurement, Please Allow a Measurement Deviation Of 1-3cm. Thank You!
3.Need to configure the plug converter by yourself

Hydroponics Growing Kits,Smart Garden,Hydroponic Indoor Gardenin

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