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Pink Sky Kitchen Dish Towels OFFicial shop Popular popular Retro and of A Deer Soft Silhouette

Pink Sky Kitchen Dish Towels,Retro Silhouette of Deer Soft and A


Pink Sky Kitchen Dish Towels,Retro Silhouette of Deer Soft and A

Product description


Are you still using traditional sponges and disposable paper towels for daily cleaning?
Now,it's time to switch to our excellent kitchen towels to easily complete home cleaning.

? Main Features:
Quality and durable microfiber fabric,fine and firm stitches workmanship,kitchen towels will not easy to fall apart,fray or leave small fibers after cleaning.
Classic modern dish cloths pattern design can be perfectly integrated with kitchen home decor,add the highlights to your kitchen decor and improve the quality of life.
Soft touch,quality towels can take care of your hands and will not scratch the kitchen utensils.
Highly absorbent,dish towels can be used to wipe the kitchenware at any time and quickly absorb water stains to keep the surface dry enough
Quick drying towels are convenient for you to use again in a short time.
Eco-friendly and reusable,the use of kitchen towels can greatly reduce the cost of paper towels and protects the environment.And just machine washable or hand washable to clean the kitchen dish cloths.After long-term using and repeated washing,it is not easy to deform shrink and fade.

? Size Information:

? Washing TIPS:
Please wash separately before you use to achieve the best results.
Gently Machine washable or hand washable in cold water.
Tumble dry low.
Do not bleach and dry clean.

Don't hesitate anymore.Our kitchen towels is the excellent cleaning tool!
If you have any questions,please contact us!We will service for you enthusiastically!!

Pink Sky Kitchen Dish Towels,Retro Silhouette of Deer Soft and A

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