EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp Recycl Small Kit 4 Recycle Ranking TOP19 Foot $35 EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot Small) Recycle Kit (Recycl Home Kitchen Storage Organization $35 EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot Small) Recycle Kit (Recycl Home Kitchen Storage Organization Earth,$35,Lamp,(4,Foot,Kit,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,the,/exasperate880768.html,on,Straight,pinktypo.com,Small),(Recycl,EZ,Recycle Earth,$35,Lamp,(4,Foot,Kit,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,the,/exasperate880768.html,on,Straight,pinktypo.com,Small),(Recycl,EZ,Recycle EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp Recycl Small Kit 4 Recycle Ranking TOP19 Foot

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EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot Small) Recycle Kit (Recycl


EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot Small) Recycle Kit (Recycl

Product description


Properly recycle small quantities of 4 foot and shorter fluorescent tubes. May also be used for U-bend fluorescents, High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs, and other large lamps. More Info Small 4-ft Straight Lamp Recycle Kit includes heavy- Jumbo 4-ft Straight Lamp Recycle Kit includes heavy-duty recyclable cardboard box, cardboard liner, heavy plastic liner, velcro tabs (seal between uses), zip tie to seal liner for shipping, pre-paid return shipping label. Documentation included for obtaining Certificates of Recycling online. Additional charges will apply for "shattershield" lamps and UV lamps. With mail back recycling kits, you select the type of material you are recycling and the size of kit that works for your needs. Your prepaid kit will be shipped directly to you, including proper container, packing material (where applicable), and prepaid shipping label. When your items to be recycled are packaged, simply ship it and click to get your Certificate of Recycling online. When you recycle fluorescent bulbs you prevent mercury from being released into the environment, promote reuse of the bulb materials, and stay in compliance with regulations to recycle mercury-containing bulbs. EZ on the Earth and its parent company Lighting Resources provide fluorescent light recycling options for any size recycling need. EZ on the Earth lamp recycling kits are processed in-house at Lighting Resources facilities where they properly processed using state-of-the-art recycling equipment, including award-winning Balcan lamp recycling systems, among the most efficient systems in the world providing cleaner by-products and more reuse of materials than other systems. We recycle as much of the glass, metal, and other materials as possible and responsibly dispose of any non-recyclable materials. We also capture and triple distill the mercury from fluorescent bulbs and other mercury-containing wastes and return it to virgin specifications for re-use as brand-new product.

EZ on the Earth Straight Lamp (4 Foot Small) Recycle Kit (Recycl



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