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WANAI Compact Refrigerator 3.2 Cu.Ft Classic Retro Refrigerator


WANAI Compact Refrigerator 3.2 Cu.Ft Classic Retro Refrigerator

Product Description

WANAI Compact Refrigerator 3.2 Cu.Ft Classic Retro Refrigerator WANAI Compact Refrigerator 3.2 Cu.Ft Classic Retro Refrigerator WANAI Compact Refrigerator 2 Door Mini Fridge with Freezer WANAI Compact Refrigerator 2 Door Mini Fridge with Freezer
Capacity 3.2 Cu.Ft 3.2 Cu.Ft 3.2 Cu.Ft 3.2 Cu.Ft
Color Blue Yellow Black Sliver
LED Lighting
With Freezer
Wheels X X

WANAI Compact Refrigerator 3.2 Cu.Ft Classic Retro Refrigerator

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