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PPOSH Wood Phone Docking Station, Multi-Device Bamboo Charging S


PPOSH Wood Phone Docking Station, Multi-Device Bamboo Charging S

Product description

Natural wooden Charging Station organizer with watch stand amp; charging cables

●Why choose natural wooden charge station organizer
◆ Organize all the charging lines, mobile phones, tablet PCs, Apple watches, USB charging or other equipment!
◆ Perfect solution to meet your family's charging needs and it perform also excellent in busy professional desktops, staff lounge and so on
◆Wooden Charge Manager Bracket is your smart solution!

● Function
◆ 3slots + 1 watch charging stand
◆ compact, very suitable for space-saving design
◆ 100% recyclable recycled wooden primary colors
◆ protect the paint surface, easy to clean
◆Material: carbonized bamboo
◆Size: 168x190mm
◆Weight: 120g

● Package Included:
◆ 1 x charging stations
◆ 1 x watch stand
◆ not include USB charger and Charging Cable

100% Guaranteed
All orders are subject to 100% quality assurance. If you are faced with any questions, just feel free to contact us and we will help you in 24hours
Make a smart choice for your device!
Customers are always the first, all our efforts are made for our customers, your 100% satisfaction is our goal forever! We can provide you with any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us from the customer Qamp;A, all information will be replied within 24 hours.

PPOSH Wood Phone Docking Station, Multi-Device Bamboo Charging S

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