$45 Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p Action Cam with Built-in 1.5- Electronics Camera Photo Action,HD,720p,Cam,Electronics , Camera Photo,Silver,AVI,Video,/cysted880690.html,1.5-,pinktypo.com,Built-in,$45,with,Recording $45 Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p Action Cam with Built-in 1.5- Electronics Camera Photo Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p with Cam 1.5- 2021 autumn and winter new Action Built-in Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p with Cam 1.5- 2021 autumn and winter new Action Built-in Action,HD,720p,Cam,Electronics , Camera Photo,Silver,AVI,Video,/cysted880690.html,1.5-,pinktypo.com,Built-in,$45,with,Recording

Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p with Cam 1.5- 2021 autumn and sale winter new Action Built-in

Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p Action Cam with Built-in 1.5-


Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p Action Cam with Built-in 1.5-

Product description

You will enjoy recording every Intense action with this 720P Sports Camera! Specially if your in to High Energy Extreme sports such as Surfing, Mountain climbing, Deep Sea diving up to 30m, Skateboarding, Bicycle tricks, and much more. This camera comes Multi options for mounting that can allow you to mount it just about anywhere to get your best angle. It is also Equipped with a Waterproof case that will let you take it on water spots on and underwater up to 30m. It has a 900 mah rechargeable battery that will last for 1.5 hr of use. This camera can record video in 720p HD. The 1.5 inch display screen on the back helps you monitor your best angel, or you can use it for play back features for quick view.

Silver AVI Video Recording HD 720p Action Cam with Built-in 1.5-

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