/cysted1306190.html,Small,Holder,Rack,Headphone,Easy,Siz,to,Store,Headphone,Okuyonic,$21,pinktypo.com,Electronics , Accessories Supplies $21 Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to Store Headphone Rack Small Siz Electronics Accessories Supplies /cysted1306190.html,Small,Holder,Rack,Headphone,Easy,Siz,to,Store,Headphone,Okuyonic,$21,pinktypo.com,Electronics , Accessories Supplies $21 Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to Store Headphone Rack Small Siz Electronics Accessories Supplies Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to NEW Store Siz Rack Small Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to NEW Store Siz Rack Small

Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to NEW Store Max 58% OFF Siz Rack Small

Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to Store Headphone Rack Small Siz


Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to Store Headphone Rack Small Siz

Product description

Color:white, blue


1. The unique and simple modern style stand, suitable for almost all headphones.
2. Headphone holder, made of selected wood, smoothly surface and stable base, uses paint, can be used with peace of mind.
3. Widely used, very suitable for placement in home, office, studio, bedroom or TV cabinet.
4. There are rubber feet on the base, which can be non-slip, firmer, and can your furniture from being scratched.
5. Small size, easy to carry and store, convenient to use and with good performance.


Item Type: Headphone Holder

Okuyonic Headphone Holder Easy to Store Headphone Rack Small Siz

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