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MKXULO GPS Tracker New High quality new popularity for Pets Pet Controller Activity Collar

MKXULO GPS Tracker for Pets, Pet Activity Controller, Pet Collar


MKXULO GPS Tracker for Pets, Pet Activity Controller, Pet Collar

Product description



Locator GPS collars for dogs and cats, adjustable size, unique location of cute animals, precise positioning, historical trajectory query, pet walking path


Bands: GSM: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
SIM Card Slot: 2G SIM
New IoT technology with the new MKT2503D chip, using GPS positioning LBS + Compass + WIFI +
The GPS chip receives sensitivity
Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm
Capture Sensitivity: -148dBm
Location accuracy WI-FI: 10-50m.
Smart Geo-fence: Apart from the beach, the setting can be an automatic alarm
Battery: 3.7 V / 500 mAh
COLORS: white, pink

List of pieces:

1 * GPS positioning collar for pets (without SIM)
1 * USB charging cable
1 * Manual
1 box

This article uses a 2G GSM network

MKXULO GPS Tracker for Pets, Pet Activity Controller, Pet Collar

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