12",$42,Smartphone,Light,with,k,Microphone,LED,Video,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Tripod,Ring,/counterpaly880477.html,58",pinktypo.com 12",$42,Smartphone,Light,with,k,Microphone,LED,Video,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Tripod,Ring,/counterpaly880477.html,58",pinktypo.com Many popular brands 58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light Microphone Smartphone with Video k $42 58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light with Microphone Smartphone Video k Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Many popular brands 58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light Microphone Smartphone with Video k $42 58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light with Microphone Smartphone Video k Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Many popular brands 58

58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light with Microphone Smartphone Video k


58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light with Microphone Smartphone Video k

Product description

Sensitivity Range : -43±3dB RL=0.68KΩ Vs=1.5V( 1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa)
Impedance : Max. 0.68KΩ1KHz (RL=0.68KΩ)
Frequency : 20-16000 Hz
Current Consumption : Max.0.5mA
Operation Voltage Range : 1.0V-10V
Max. Sound Pressure Level : 115dB S.P.L
S/N Ratio : More than 58dB
Sensitivity Reduction : 1.5V-1.0V Sensitivity Variation less than 3dB

LED Ring Light:
Outer Diameter: 12.0 inches
Dimming range: 1%-100%
Color Temperature: 2700K-6000K
CRI(Color Rendering Index): ≥90
Power Source: USB Cable Powered

Tripod amp; Ball head:
height :58"
Payload: 11 pounds
Material: Metal
Ballhead type: 360° rotation

Phone Holder:
Material: Plastic ABS
Weight: 60g
Mobile phone clip size: 58-105mm
Interface: standard 1/4 screws amp; standard cold shoe

Mini Tripod:
Ball head: 360° rotation
Max Height: 6.3"
Intermediate Height 4.3"
Min Height: 5.7"
Folded height: 8.07"
Load capacity: 6 lbs
Weight: 0.31lbs
Material: Metal

58" Tripod 12" LED Ring Light with Microphone Smartphone Video k

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Resources for Combating Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault (Title IX)

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