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Hario taste appear! Lid of glass your Meshikama 1 Go only GN-150


Hario taste appear! Lid of glass your Meshikama 1 Go only GN-150

Product description

Rice pot lid type of content can be seen in the glass. You do not need a lid can be used in the lid is heavy. Because the glass lid and transparent [Features], you can see how the rice is cooked. Medium and can be confirmed without taking the lid, you can see the steam ready to eat without missing. You do not have to worry about since the announcement of forgot to turn off the sound. With four recipes. Banko-pot rice. Turn off the water in a colander, etc. (wash) Wash the rice] [How to use (1) and transferred to a rice cooker. According to the amount of rice to rice cooker, I put the water to a guide line. Please put 200ml water to the rice mixture 1 or. ※ line is an estimate. Please make a seasonal adjustment according to your taste, the type of rice. (2) about 30 minutes (winter is about one hour) soak in water. Heating during high heat for about 10 minutes (3). (4) begins to whistle, and loose-fitting foam stand, and turn off the heat and heated for 1 minute, if it is ready to serve the rice plump steam for about 15 minutes. Foam after boiling (3) is calm, and put on the fire for a further 3 minutes, scorched rice fragrant rice is ready.

Hario taste appear! Lid of glass your Meshikama 1 Go only GN-150

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