National products Mini Camera Children High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid $32 Mini Camera, Children Camera High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid Electronics Camera Photo Mini,Camera,,Vid,$32,/counterpaly1306377.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,High‑Definition,Digital,Camera,2800W,,Children National products Mini Camera Children High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid $32 Mini Camera, Children Camera High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid Electronics Camera Photo Mini,Camera,,Vid,$32,/counterpaly1306377.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,High‑Definition,Digital,Camera,2800W,,Children

National products Mini Camera Children High‑Definition Outlet SALE Digital 2800W Vid

Mini Camera, Children Camera High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid


Mini Camera, Children Camera High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid

Product description

1. The front and rear dual cameras make selfies more convenient, 2800W high‑definition pixels, let children discover more beautiful records, clear and instantly freeze frame to enrich the childhood
2. Seamless screwless design, selection of safe and environmentally friendly materials, strong and durable, adopt ABS environmentally friendly material
3. Lanyard design, easy for children to carry when going out. Long rope hanging neck, short rope portable
4. Let children discover the beauty of the world, increase the desire for knowledge, take photos/videos to record the growth of the baby, and stimulate the creativity of the baby
5. Front self-sensing LED flash 28 million shooting lens plus built-in fill light, you can take good photos even in insufficient light


Item Type: Kids Camera
Material: ABS+PC
Size: Approx. 9.4 x 4.4 x 6cm / 3.7 x 1.7 x 2.4in(manual measurement, there may be slight errors)
Front Camera Recording Resolution: 1920x1080W
Rear Camera Recording Resolution: 1920x1080W
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery (built-in battery)
Battery Model: 440922
Battery Capacity: 610mAh
Pixel: 2800W
Camera Resolution: 6108x4581W
Video Resolution: 1920x1080W
Photo Modes: 8 Kinds of scene selection / zoom front and rear shooting / smile shooting / photo sticker / continuous shooting / timed shooting
Charging Time: 2-3h
Photographing Time: 2-2.5h
Number of Photos Taken: About 200
Recording Time: About 1.5 hours
Photo Storage: 1G can store about 300 photos
Video Storage: 1G can save about 5 minutes of video
Maximum Support: 32GB
Function: Take photo, video
How to Use:
1. Press (Settings) key 5 times to enter parameter setting
2. Press the (up and down direction) key to se

Mini Camera, Children Camera High‑Definition Digital 2800W Vid

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