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Fresno Mall JSJJQAZ Sports Watch Wristwatch Fitness Price reduction M3 Screen Smart Color Sp

JSJJQAZ Sports Watch Wristwatch Fitness M3 Color Screen Smart Sp


JSJJQAZ Sports Watch Wristwatch Fitness M3 Color Screen Smart Sp

Product description

Fitness M3 Color Screen Smart Sport Bracelet Activity Running Tracker Heart Rate For Children Men Women Watch For IOS Android
product description:
* 0.96'' IPS 160 * 80 resolution color screen
* Support multiple sports modes (running / riding / climbing / swimming / ping pong / walking, etc.)
* detachable shoulder strap
* Charging mode: USB dedicated charging cable
*Compatible system: BT4.0, for Android4.4 and IOS8.0 or higher
*Main features: sedentary reminder, multi-sport mode, full font push, WeChat campaign, weather forecast, reject call, search device, alarm reminder, photo, drinking reminder, gesture control, do not disturb mode, reminder mode, sleep monitoring , G-sensor
* APP supports 10 languages: Simplified Chinese, English, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Please do not read it compared to hospital equipment, it is not a medical device!
Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch via the app.
1* smart watch
1* instruction manual
Note: The smart wristband is not for medical use, please do not buy to check health (heart problems, blood pressure problems). It is not suitable for professional use. Just refer to it.
1. Question :how to charge the watch ?
Answer :Take off the watch straps , and dierctly insert it into the usb charging port.(note ,please try both chipset sides )
2. Question : how long will the battery life stand ?
Answer ''usually one watch fully charge can use 1-2days , if battery comsume too fast , remember to close the notification of whatsapp facebook something like that .
3 Question :what if my watch cannot turn on ?
Answer :there are two sides of the chipset ,please make sure you try both sides . if still not work . try to insert into computer usb port for tyr. contact us before you open dispute .thank you

JSJJQAZ Sports Watch Wristwatch Fitness M3 Color Screen Smart Sp

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