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Advanced Multi-Sign Fully Assembled House Awesome Mesa Mall Addres Special sale item Lighted

Advanced Multi-Sign Fully Assembled Awesome House Lighted Addres


Advanced Multi-Sign Fully Assembled Awesome House Lighted Addres

Product description

Item Package Quantity:4

A fully assembled set of 3, 4, or 5 House lighted numbers for your home in either Vertical or Horizontal format. Easy to install. We already did the heavy work for you. This awesome product comes with: A set of numbers internally illuminated, placed, and wired with LEDs in any order you want. No separate purchases of power supply, or hardwire difficult installations. No assembly required. Install, connect, and play. Smooth LED Lighting so your house can be visible to emergencies, deliveries, and visits, while at the same time look awesome and unique. Specially designed for exterior use to withstand the most outrageous weather patterns. Manufactured to your needs with anti-rust aluminum and special formulated white paint for an outdoor, long-lasting look, and class one translucent acrylic to create a controlled illumination atmosphere. The package includes patterns and installation instructions. Note: When ordering in the vertical format: the first number represents the top and the last one, the bottom. Also please spell the numbers for proper placement. For example 7956 and Seven thousand nine hundred fifty-six. The placement will be as follows: 7 on top and 6 at the bottom. Free shipping within the continental United States.

Advanced Multi-Sign Fully Assembled Awesome House Lighted Addres

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