Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch to Finger Safety and trust Center Pull Appliance $56 Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull, Tools Home Improvement Hardware Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch to Finger Safety and trust Center Pull Appliance Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,12,Center,Finger,$56,Tab,/counterpaly1118777.html,Inch,Pull,,to,Alno,,D960-12,Appliance,Center $56 Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull, Tools Home Improvement Hardware Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,12,Center,Finger,$56,Tab,/counterpaly1118777.html,Inch,Pull,,to,Alno,,D960-12,Appliance,Center

Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch to Finger Safety and Cheap sale trust Center Pull Appliance

Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull,


Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull,

Product description

Features: Premium finish maintains its appearance over time Crafted from solid brass for high quality strength and feel Coordinates well with the Tab Collection Covered under Alno's Limited Lifetime Warranty Mounting hardware is concealed for a sleek, clean look Product Technologies: Concealed Installation: This cabinet hardware features a concealed installation, with no exposed exterior screws. Screws go through from the interior of the cabinet or drawer directly into the hardware, ensuring they are well hidden when your cabinet is closed. Solid Brass Construction: This product begins with raw bars of solid brass which are heated, and pounded into specially made dies producing a stronger, more substantial product. The difference between lesser metals and heat forged brass is noticeable the minute you hold it in your hands; solid brass is heavier, smoother, and naturally resists corrosion. Specifications: Length: 12-1/2" Width: 1" Center to Center: 12" Projection: 7/8" Base Width: 3/8" Material: BrassProduct Variations: D960-12 (This Model): 12 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull D960-18: 18 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull

Alno D960-12 Tab 12 Inch Center to Center Finger Appliance Pull,

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