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Nikon Coolpix S60 10MP Digital Optical with Camera Vibration Max 53% OFF Phoenix Mall 5x

Nikon Coolpix S60 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Vibration


Nikon Coolpix S60 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Vibration

Product description

From the Manufacturer

Nikon’s sleek, sexy Coolpix S60 combines 10.0 effective megapixels with an amazing 3.5-inch high-resolution, customizable touch-panel LCD that makes composing and sharing pictures easy. The Coolpix S60 has a 5x Zoom-Nikkor glass lens and, combined with Nikon’s Optical VR Image Stabilization system, gets you sharp pictures throughout the zoom range. In addition, Nikon’s EXPEED image processor is optimized for the Coolpix S60 and will ensure high-quality pictures with stunning color and sharpness. Use the camera’s HDMI capability to take pictures in 16:9 format and display them in an HD Pictmotion slide show, with music, on your HD television!

Coolpix S60 Highlights

10.0 megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches.

5x optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens lets you zoom in on all the action.

Optical VR Image Stabilization minimizes the effect of camera shake.

New beautiful, bright 3.5-inch touch-panel LCD offers a 170-degree wide angle of view and enables easy access to all the camera controls without the conventional series of buttons to push.

Customizable touch-panel display enables easy operation with a choice of three different Home displays, plus allows you to write a personal message on your photos with the included stylus pen.

Slim, stylish, metal wave surface design slips right into your shirt pocket or purse!

Auto adjusts up to ISO 3200 allows you to keep shooting, even in lower light without having to use flash.

New Scene Auto Mode will automatically a scene and adjust the cameras settings.

Smile Shutter and Blink Warning makes sure you’ll always catch the decisive moment when your subject smiles and blink warning will let you know when your subjects eyes are closed so you can retake your picture.

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Nikon Coolpix S60 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Vibration

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Dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the Great Lakes and coastal resources.

Michigan Sea Grant is a cooperative program of the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We fund research, education, and outreach projects designed to foster science-based decisions about the use and conservation of Great Lakes resources.


Ecorse Creek Clean Up, Communities Coming Together

The cities of Ecorse, Lincoln Park, and Wyandotte have teamed up to improve Ecorse Creek and we need YOUR help! Volunteers are needed to pick up litter along the shoreline and in the water. Everybody is welcome, along with any and all non-motorized boa …


Life of the River 2021: Tahquamenon Logging Museum, Newberry, MI

Join us as we celebrate the Life of the River! St. Marys and Tahquamenon River July – September, 3 unique events July 28, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. – Monocle Lake Day Use Area, Bay Mills, MI August 25, 1 – 5 p.m.  – Tahquamenon Logging Museum, Newberry, MI Sept …



This one-day camp will teach youth to fish and protect our Great Lakes. All campers will receive fishing rod with reel, tackle box, and snacks! Camp sessions will include casting, tackle crafting, aquatic ecology, angler ethics, and more. Haithco Park …

Place-Based Education

Sometimes, the best way to learn Great Lakes science is by getting outdoors! Through Michigan Sea Grant’s place-based education programs, students and adults can collect and analyze real-world data, visit aquatic critters in their natural habitats, and participate in habitat restoration projects. Learn about some of the programs below.